• Case Supervision with Arny Mindell May 2021

    Join Arny Mindell May 21, 2021 for Support, Understanding and/or Insights into Your Work with Individuals, Relationships, or Groups Find out more and register online This class provides individual case supervision to support both inner development and outer work of participants working with people or groups on any situation including

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  • Hurtful Relationship Patterns and Deep Dreams

    By Agnieszka Olszewska–Kaczmarek In everyday life, we often meet people who are in relationships that bring them more suffering than benefits.  One of the parties, despite repeated injuries and a sense of unfulfillment and even unhappiness, remains in the relationship or walks away just to return in a moment. On

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  • Fall 2021 Masters Cohort – applications open

    Find out more about study and training at the Process Work Institute. Sign up below to be contacted with more information. Have a free personal information session (online or phone) with our Outreach Coordinator to find out about programs and opportunities. Applications open January for the Master of Arts in

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  • Intervening in Racism; Key to Cultural Change

    As Black America stands up and refuses to take any more government licensed brutality, joined by other people of color and white allies, all of us are called to assess our values and what we contribute to immanent cultural change.  Over the past four years, I have been pessimistic about

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Finding ways forward – April 2021 newsletter

Read our full April 2021 newsletter here It is definitely spring in Portland, Oregon, and the vibrant colors of tulips demand attention. At the same time, the tensions of our current moment can threaten to overwhelm our bodies and minds. How are you navigating and supporting yourself through the pressures and urgencies we face? It has been nearly a year since the killing of George Floyd was captured on video by a brave young woman. This video shook the world and super charged the Black Lives Matter movement. This week, the US justice system brought down